EDC – New Cracking Unit – Maintenance Shutdown

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Project Data & EL-Mahd Responsibility

The EDC new cracking unit is one of the petrochemical projects among to the Egyptian petroleum ministry, the new unit is a rehab work for the exist ethylene dichloride cracking unit working on the EPC petrochemical complex at El-Amreya area – Alexandria Egypt.

The Scope Of Work

El-Mahd achieved the project construction completion target supported with a professional documentation record and reporting by the planned project schedule the matter which build up a trust relationship with the project contractor/client, based on this trust the client recommended El-Mahd to perform several maintenance activities during normal scheduled shut-downs, following the main activities performed by El-Mahd :
Providing Qualified Technicians for maintenance shut-down assignments.
OXI-Reactor 180° elbows plasma Cutting, PT, Replacement and 100% RT.
Machinery services and special fit-up tools supply
Underground piping isolation / holiday test.
Provide the required lifting tools/equipment.
Provide the required generator for the activities.
Provide the required scaffolding.
Provide all of the special tools for cutting and welding
Provide argon gas and all of the consumables.

Project Gallery

Release Date

September 2019


EPC – Egyptian Petrochemical Company

Main Contractor

Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions


Alexandria - Egypt