Egyptian Black Sand – PCP

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Project Data & EL-Mahd Responsibility

The Egyptian Black sand – PCP is one of the mining projects among to the Egyptian Defense ministry, the PCP unit is a floating unit that is separating the raw metals away from the sand located on Burullus area, Kafr El Sheikh – Egypt.

El-Mahd Company has obtained several contracts divided into a contract for the implementation of all mechanical activities in the floating primary capacitor factory, First welding and installing a network of carbon steel, stainless steel and HDPE pipes, assembling and welding giant tanks, and finally installing and assembling pumps, manufactured tanks, cranes and Also contract for the supply and construction of all scaffolding works for the entire project

El-Mahd Company has employed qualified direct manpower as technicians and supervisory staff at the highest level of experience, efficiency and indirect manpower from an integrated engineering office that includes the Technical Office Department, Quality Department, and H.S.E. Department, as well as supplying all raw materials consumed in all work steps, in addition to providing All heavy and light equipment and hand tools, as well as providing administrative offices, warehouses and a fully equipped manufacturing workshop at the work site.

The Scope Of Work

The scope of work was mainly divided into, firstly, all works of mechanical tanks, flexible couplings, metal structures, overhead loading cranes, air compressors and filtration platforms. Secondly, the network of metal pipes, high-density polyethylene “HDPE” and mechanical systems, where El-Mahd Company carries out all related activities, starting from receiving raw materials from the customer’s warehouses and storing them in the manufacturing area, then manufacturing in the workshop equipped with all manufacturing equipment and then installing all pipe networks in the project with all its mechanical attachments From pumps, holders, valves….etc.

Concluding with all the destructive and non-destructive tests required by the project and the Radiographic Tests with the highest level of safety and quality, leading to Pre-commissioning and Commissioning phase.

El-Mahd Company has achieved the desired target of completing the project, supported by professional records and conformity reports, in accordance with the professionally planned project schedule that matches the client’s conditions.

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Release Date

August 2020


Egyptian Black Sand Company

Main Contractor

Hassan Allam Construction


Kafr El Sheikh - Egypt